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Welcome to the forum! This is the best place for inspiration and support, and how exciting to have a new Millie!! Gee I was on vacation in Watkins Glen at the end of October, second time in a year, it is just so beautiful up there! I'm from Orange County NY. I would love to see a LA group get started, I'm interested!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Meg - I would love to be apart of a LA group. I actually live in Stanley, which is between Geneva & Canandaigua. I am willing to travel just about any where.

Karen - I make frequent trips to Watkins Glen. Did you happen to visit O'Susannah's while you were there? I stay at the Upstairs Inn a couple of times a year with my quilting buddies. It is always a great time!

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ok ladies...

after the holiday i will host our first gathering at my house.

lola-baby and i can't wait to meet you all.

we can be the east coast moxies!

stay tuned....

if you are not heidi, ronie, ann or karen and want to be included, inbox me and i'll add you to the list.

something to look forward to after the holiday!

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Meg - East Coast Moxies, cool!!

Roni - I love O'Susannah's, she is so sweet, I tried to get our guild to use the Upstairs Inn, but unfortunetly we could not get it together. This year I went to Hammondsport, and there was a great quilt shop called Lake Country Patchwork, spent waaay to much money, but what a cute shop.

Hope to see you at Meg's!!!

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