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You're going to be sick of me posting pictures!! I'm so glad to be able to share again.

My customer calls this quilt "French General in Retreat" because of the French General line of fabrics she used and the fact that she pieced it completely at--you guessed it--a retreat!

I loved the horizontal piecing in the columns and accented that with lots more horizontal stitching. The fabric had beautiful feathers in the print so I stitched formal-ish feathers up the neutral columns. Thanks for looking!


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Thanks for the generous comments!

The border design is just swirls with lots of close echos. My go-to design for busy borders is swirls but this one needed a more formal treatment I thought. The echos give it a density in an area where the stitching might not show.

As for the horizontal lines--all random widths to go with the random widths of fabric in the columns. The only issue was occasional seams which weren't absolutely horizontal--those I either SIDed or stayed far enough away from that the off-straight wasn't so noticeable. I used my channel lock most of the time and SIDed on the side seam to travel to the next spot.

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