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Your quilting is beautiful! I, too, am wondering if the center is applique or a panel? So darn pretty.

The center is a panel. It was interesting because it seemed to be a "finer weave" than the other quilt cottons. I didn't use a black batt and had the teeniest peeks of white on the panel part. I pointed it out to the customer and she laughed saying I was too picky. I told her that if she wet and dry it it would be fine. I love the outer border fabric:)

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Wow! I'm not a huge fan of holiday quilts, but this is very much to my taste. Beautiful! And your quilting really sets it off so beautifully!

Ok, now that I'm through gushing over this wonderful quilt, do you know anything about the fabrics used in it? Who makes the center panel, the border fabric, the beige with the little berries, etc? Can I copy your quilting? (Like I could!)

Oops! You just answered my questions while I was typing...........thank you for sharing!

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