Fons and Porter TV series with Heidi Kaisand

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Fons and Porter had Heidi Kaisand as a guest on Sat, Dec. 1, 2012 program. I do not know if this is a repeat program. Heidi was presenting longarm quilting tips on how to identify and solve tension problems, starting and stopping, solving border problems, batting, and other techniques. Heidi addressed many of the problems that I am having with longarm quilting. It would be wonderful if Heidi made a video of just her discussing and demonstrating all these issues. It was difficult to see the tension problems from the TV show due to lighting and camera angle. Many times Heidi was interrupted in the middle of a sentence. The content was excellent and greatly appreciated. Please consider a tutorial with just Heidi and her tips.

Thank you

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We were surprised here in Iowa when Liz up and moved to Texas. Liz was active in the Des Moines Quilters Guild which I joined a few years ago. We put on a yearly quilt show with the Des Moines AQS show. Imagine my surprise the first year I went to help hang quilts at the show and I heard this familiar low voice from the next aisle! It was Liz hanging quilts like a trooper. She is so friendly. We were sad to see her move so far away.

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