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I am having a couple problems with my Millie that I am hoping someone can help me with. The first one is the stitch regulator. I have it set just past 0 and still get very small stitches, I normally run it about 9-10. It stitches very uneven for stitch length when stitch control is activated. I have cleaned all the wheels and rubber wheels with rubbing alcohol. Have checked the placement of the black wheel in the grove. All look OK to me. Do the black wheels wear out and need to be replaced? I have a 2002 Millie.

Second problem is I am getting a clunking noise at random times when stitching. You know the sound you get when you hit an area where several seams come together. It makes the same noise even on borders where there is no seams. I have checked the timing, cleaned and oiled the bobbin area, checked the height of the hopping foot. It did this earlier and I checked with Barb Mayfield and she gave suggested the above things to check. When I checked the bobbin area I found a small piece of thread caught in the bobbin area. Cleaned it all out and it worked OK for a few hours and it is back to making that same noise again only seems to be more frequently. Can't find any threads caught anywhere. When it makes the clunk noise my lights momentarily blink in the room Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


APQS Millie

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the first issue, stitch length, indicates that you may need to recalibrate your stitches. Amy or Dawn will be able to walk you through that process. Be sure to have a practice quilt on so you can do the stitch-outs.

I might be able to speak to the clunking sound ... I had this recently ... finally looked at my bobbin and there were places where the needle had actually hit the bobbin itself (which was the source of the terrible sound)... well, duh, I had been using Delights bobbins (magnetic) and I had taken the spring out of the bobbin case and forgot to put it back while using the regular wound bobbin. So be sure spring is in place in the bobbin case ... really look at the bobbin itself to see if you have dings in it ...

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