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Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I updated. Elmer has finished 6 rounds of chemo (42 treatments). They say most people can't tolerate more than 3 rounds of what they are giving him. He is frail and weak. He gets confused easily. All his dark hair fell out and came back in snow white. It is falling out again. (hoping for red next time!!!!)

His spirits are good and his faith is strong. We meet with the doctors tomorrow morning to find out if he can have the surgery to remove his kidney, part of his liver, his adrenal gland, the lymph nodes and the tumor that has invaded the vena cava. He had hundreds of tiny tumors in each lung but they are all gone!!

I believe this will be his only chance at surgery. Each 7 day round of chemo leaves him weaker. His heart has been affected. After the last round he passed a lot of blood in his urine so they suspect the chemo has caused absesses in his bladder. If the tumors are not small enough and they do more chemo I don't think he will be strong enough to survive surgery. It would be risky now but at least he would have a chance. If he has surgery and survives it could give us another couple of years.

I have been doing ok. My friend Barb (I met her on here!!!!) comes to visit us often. She even helped me trim all my roses this past Saturday.

I cracked a rib Saturday night and it is giving me fits. I take pain pills when I can but when I have to drive back and forth to Indianapolis I can't take them.

I miss everyone and the fun I used to have on here. I have a difficult time focusing on much these days but I think of all of you often. I will post an update after we find out what is next.

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I am so blessed to be able to visit with Cheri and Elmer. They are both awsome people and I enjoy their company. Had a good time helping her trim her rose bushes, we were talking and had them done before we knew it. Elmer's chili is so good, we had it for lunch. Cheri and I have to check out her workroom and discuss our quilting projects when I am there. I am keeping them both in my prayers and am hoping for good news tomorrow. I thank God for their friendship.

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Cheri and Elmer.. I too, keep you both in prayer. Both of you are amazingly strong.. may it continue.

I'm waiting to hear further from the Dr. today too. Praying it is good.

Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug from me.

Keep posting on Caring Bridge.

Hugs, RitaR

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Well we still don't know much. The surgeon had not looked over everything yet but the oncologist was encouraging. We go back to Indianapolis on Monday afternoon to meet with the surgeon. It sounds as though they will do some extensive testing before making a decision. Since the artery to his heart has a tumor growing into it they want what they call a "road map" to see exactly where all the veins and arteries are. I didn't sleep much last night so I am heading for a nap. Thanks for the prayers.

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