New England Quilt Festival (MQX) - I'm going!!

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I'm gong to my first ever MQX East show also. Im very new to this So am looking forward to taking some classes and coming back more confident in what I'm doing! I don't know anyone else going so am hoping to meet some fellow quilters like all of you.


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Anna I will be there. Our Bargello Quilts will be there this spring as a special exhibit. We had so much fun when we went to Portland in the fall, and talked about it so much that we have filled up Anna's van with five more friends and are off on a road trip of a lifetime. It took all the courage I had to fly to Portland (hate flying) but I could not let that stop us! I'm so glad we can drive to New Hampshire. It will be our first time there and we are looking forward to seeing as many people from the forum as we can.

FFE992D1FB7A16BDBE9FDE1627DBA781.png ? Chris Landis

2001 APQS Millennium


www.facebook.com/pages/Feathercreek Quilting by Chris Landis

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