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The link will take you to photos of the latest off the frame.

I love it when I get quilts before the holidays that my customers tell me are several years old. Just laying around waiting to be finished until they decide it would make a perfect gift for XYZ.

This one is four years old and I really like how it came out. Click through the pics to see the darker block. One side is purple thread and the other is green. The identical designs in each triangle shape made the pretty flower.


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Linda, did you know how you were going to quilt the whole quilt before you started? Did you do any SID "stabilizing" ?

I have not quite figured out when I need to use SID or just go with the quilting.

Every time I look at this quilt I find more to look at!

Did I know what I was going to quilt before I started? On this one-no. I figured a border design first--which was an overall of swirls and pointy leaves. Then I decided to do Terry Twists with an accent in the squares that matched the border print. I planned a design that I could use the green thread and catch two green "triangles" and the center square at the same time. Quilted all parts that needed green thread, including the borders as I advanced. Then went back and used purple thread (with starts and stops) on the purple triangles. Another trip through for the pale green Fairy Frost stars--silver thread. Then an other trip with pink thread on the pink, with the narrow pink border last.

No SID at all--not even the pink border. I used up all her budget on four thread changes and the starts and stops.

Thanks for asking! And the nice comments. :P

It was nice to get a less-custom quilt.

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