Pantographs with QD Puff: areas of fullness, what do you do?

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Oh quilt gurus, please tell me what you do: I am doing a Christmas quilt where the center section has 6 x 24" pieced blocks put together as horizontal strips going one under the other. The two side sections are composed of 6 x18 inch horizontal strips if various Christmas fabrics. I am using QD Puff. The panto is a simple Christmas Holly( P Ritter's). The panto looks great on the plain fabric strips, but the pieced section is having issues with fullness in some areas.

I was hoping to just panto it, but now I have felt I needed to stitch in the ditch at least ( sometimes more) around the rectangular pieced blocks.

Is this being too picky? The fullness is there, noticeable to me in the second from the top pieced block. I really dont' want to have to SID. Do I just let the fullness puff with a little extra fabric not completely "filled" nicely with batting, (there are no pleats, yet) or SID along with panto? I thought QD would really fill the fullness of the blocks but it seems to not completely.

Any thoughts???



I will learn to post photos, but can't spare the time right before Christmas!

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Carol you can try to steam it and suck in some of the fullness but if it doesn't have pleats I'd just go with it. It will look better once it is off the frame. I don't think doing SID is going to help you as far as taking up the fullness, it would only make sure it stayed put. You can try to sneak under an extra piece of batting in the really full sections if it is really bothering you.

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Dear, dear Heidi,

Thank you for replying! I shall just go with it. Now that I have your opinion I feel better about it, and calmer. Upon reflection, i guess if it is really too full, maybe I can sneak in an extra holly berry if it looks too wavy! Whew, I just don't have that many quilts that I have done. I kinda get quilts that the other two professional quilters with lots of experience (one has an intelliquilter) in my area don't have time for in the crunch time around Christmas. Otherwise I basically quilt my own or for charity and for friends!

Thanks again! Back to work...


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Carol I just did 3 t-shirt quilts and some of the shirts were so worn that even with stabilizer on them they were moving no matter what I did. The quilts were from a deceased child, which I didn't ask prior to starting them but suspected, and I was not a happy camper to have fullness and a few pleats to deal with. She wanted flames so I just did the same panto on all three. One of the quilts that I knew was going to be the mother's had a backer with a t-shirt on it that had been hand painted with a fabric paint that got hard from age. I knew I was risking quilting it but my heart told me that this top was very special to this mom so I loaded it and shuttered every time my needle hit it that rock hard paint, praying each time that I would not break a needle or damage my machine. In the end I made it through the quilt and the mom was so happy with them. I apologized for the pleats but she didn't care at all, she just wanted them for her other two kids and herself! She almost cried when she picked them up. I later found out from the cousin that they were from her son who had passed and it was a tragic story. My heart rarely leads me wrong. I'm glad I went the extra mile for her and I'm glad the pleats didn't bother her like they bothered me. It taught me to not be so critical of my work and that if the piecer was so worried about a flat quilt the top would have been flat too. t will look so much better off the frame. I am always surprised by what I think is a huge mistake to take it off the frame and it hardly shows!

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