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magna glide bobbin/towa gauge

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hi everybody...

i haven't asked this question cause i always seem to be able to figure it out without the towa, and if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

but its been bugging me...

rattling around in my head all alone....

and it makes me nervous.


have any of you been able to use the towa when setting the bobbin tension using a magna glide?

i don't know what i am doing wrong.

my number is always so high - even when i fiddle with the screw and get good stitches.

when i pull the thread thru the towa, it's so tight it jerks!

that towa needle just sits all the way down at the bottom!

i loosen the bobbin case screw and the towa needle does not budge.

i can achieve a nice stitch....but the towa is of NO USE to me at all.

how much do you have to loosen the case screw?

i'm afraid to loosen it anymore.... #WIMP#

when i run the aluminum bobbin thru it - it works.

why not for MG?????


i really really really liked being able to test the bobbin after each change.

and now i can't.

lucky for me those MG bobbins are so darn dependable.

but the still uncertain me would like to be able to test between bobbins like i used to.

is there anyone out there who can offer advice????


TIA - meg

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I finally learned that I can't use the Towa with success on the Delights (Fil-Tec) bobbins because those use the magnetic core. I just remove the spring from one of my bobbin cases, and when I get good tension top (and bobbin, however I can do it) then I save that case for exclusive use with those magnetic bobbins. Take a deep breath, and just let it go. It is what it is, and those Delights will give you great tension once you find that sweet spot. I now only tweak the top tension a bit when using the Fil-Tec Magna-Glide threads. I don't know if this helps you or not, JMHO.

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I use the Towa with magna-glides. If the gauge is pegging out, something is catching. When you load the case, obviously you must be able to pull the thread through the tension finger. If you can easily do that, and when placing it in the gauge, the thread gets stuck and no amount of tugging will un-stick it--check to see if the thread has fallen off the "shoulder" and is firmly wound around the center spindle of the bobbin. That will stop the spin of the bobbin completely. That happens to me with fully-wound pre-wounds when I take off the outside cardboard. Just a thought.

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is the MG supposed to drop slowly like the regular wind your own bobbins i used to use?

if i hold the thread tail, my bobbin case just sits there suspended in the air.

it doesn't drop even if i jerk it...

is this right?

should i loosen more?

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Make sure that the spring is removed from the bobbin case when using Magna Glide bobbins and set the tension at 200 or 20, which ever Towa you have. I have a seperate bobbin case just for Magna Glides. When our supply of prewound Bottom Line runs out they will be replaced with Magna Glides because the tension is the best.

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