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EZ arc tool for baptist fan

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Pretty cool tool!

Ingenious design--I like that the small disk that you attach to be the pivot-point is pinned on through the top fabric to anchor it.

(Alas--I'm a tried-and-true pattern boarder for Baptist fans. I have the R&S two-pass smaller fan board. Much easier since there is so much backtracking and I don't have to think much about it except to stay on-path!)

I love to see the new stuff and this one is great!!

Did anyone find a price?

I Googled it and the only thing I could find online is this exact video. :huh:

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Looks interesting but I much prefer Circle Lord Baptist Fan boards, quick , easy and foolproof ! Granted a little more expensive but the results make up for the cost and the boards pay for themselves in no time. Happy quilting everybody, I finished my last "Christmas" customer quilt today now I can get ready for the holidays. Hurray!

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The designer of this tool is on Facebook: Topanchor Quilting Tools. She also has a couple blogs - topanchorquilting.blogspot dotcom. and topanchorquiltingtools dotcom about her new tool. She also shows using this tool to make other designs, as well.

Her original blog is pokeberrypatchquilting.blogspot dotcom, and she admits it just describes briefly what she was going through starting a longarm business. I'm surmising she has had a tough go of it getting her new design 'out there'.

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