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It Just Keeps Getting Better!!!

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We had to return our little grandson to his mommy and daddy yesterday :(. While there I decided to spend the night and return home in the morning. I kept worrying about our youngest daughter and her husband and their pending baby delivery, so I finally called her late in the evening and asked she just give me a call when done with work. Lo and behold, she called after midnight, and said they had delivered their new baby son at the exact time that I had called her (luckily her phone was on silent!!) after 24 hours of labor - on 12/12/12 to top it off! Our newest grandson, Grayson William, weighed in at 6# 2.1oz., and was 17.75" long/short and is absolutely ADORABLE!

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Rita, they named him Grayson William. His daddy is an avid hunter so I'm sure Grayson will grow up in the timber and deer stands with daddy and uncles.

Bonnie, baby Grayson is our third grandchild. I had four daughters, so having two grandsons is amazing to us, and our granddaughter loves her newest cousin!

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Thank you all so much for your kind words of congrats. I've run into my max quota of positive votes ("liking" your comments) for today, so I'll just thank you here. Katie says little Grayson has lost several ounces, down to 5# 12 oz., which we know is common at first, but he doesn't have a lot to lose. They'll stay an extra day at the hospital to get him nursing well. Otherwise, the new family is adjusting well. Again, thanks for all the good wishes - we truly are blessed!

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