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Wasn't anyone's Thursday Terrific? I see no topic for it today. Come on, ladies, share your day!

This weekend I found a great clear plastic storage box at Rite-Aid that stands almost 19 inches tall and is just perfect for my pantos. It's almost filled up so I went and got another one today.

And then my mailman brought me more pantos! And my UPS guy brought a box of OMNI threads ... hopefully it's my new thread for the New Year!

These are the pantos I got (after TOO MUCH shopping :) ):

Bali Inspiration -- looks like it will be fun on a water quilt or even a kids quilt or a batik.

Cogs -- love this one but it is kinda small. I'm asking permission to enlarge it.

Pretty Paisley - nice size and looks fun to quilt. Can't wait to put it on something!

Cascade -- because finally remembered to order it.

Fantasia -- looks like it will be pretty on a quilt.

Ruffles -- I sold my old copy and wanted it back! LOL Have you ever done that?

Floral Meander -- gonna be fun to stitch out!

Rhapsody -- because I've seen this on Kathy of Tamarack Shack's blog and couldn't resist!

Bumpity -- a fun, fast, easy meander!

Sprung -- great for kids quilts, and fast!! I already put it on a quilt!

Crazy Puzzle 15" -- this is going to be REALLY FAST and BIG.

Echo Holly Poinsettia -- love this one.

Winter White & Winter White Snowflake -- I couldn't make up my mind on just one!

Christmas Peace -- cute Christmas tree!

O'Christmas Tree -- because the four other Christmas trees I have weren't enough???

Spaced Out -- looks like it will be great on boys quilts

These aren't here yet:


Inside Out

Swirl Meander

Wave on Wave

Curly Q


Fresh Flowers


After I placed my order Urban Elementz emailed that they are having a 15% off sale!! ARGH!!! I hate that!!! :angry: But Digitech has a 25% off sale on The Pattern Man's stuff and I found a lot of great ones so that made up for the boo-boo of ordering too soon from UE.

What's up with your Thursday (or week?)


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Well, my Thursday has been kinda terrific - finally doing my first allover pattern on a real quilt with Quilt Path. I've learned all sorts of new things: be sure to check periodically that thread is indeed traveling through the machine, change bobbins with every pass, DON'T leave the room for tooooo long........

I'm not sure this really qualifies as a real quilt, since it's two layers of fleece, plus QD Dream Puff in between, so it's very poufy. Can't see the stitching on the top, but it's looking pretty nice on the back. Will post pix after I get done with the second half of the project (two quilts just the same, so much fun).

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I had a drop-off today with a brand new customer. Don't you love it when you meet a new person and you know you would like to be friends with them? She's a new quilter and a new Guild member. She left her quilt scheduled for January a bit early because she will be spending two weeks in Hawaii over Christmas. Her quilt is a big and classic-colored Moonglow. I'm working to finish the one on the frame and then one more before Christmas. Then I'm done for the year! :rolleyes:

Hope everyone had a great Thursday!

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I got to make an unexpected visit to a local quilt shop today. We needed to take the car in for servicing and the dealer just happens to be in the same town as the quilt shop! So, I had DH drop me off to spend time there while he sat at the dealership waiting for the car. I had much more fun. Managed to leave some $$ there too. Gotta keep the economy going and support these local shops you know !!!! :rolleyes: Came home to find the last of the t-shirts in the mail that I needed to begin construction of a t-shirt quilt for a nephew's graduation. His Mom kept finding more and more shirts, but we need a lot.............he is 6'11" tall !!!!!!

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My budget is really tight this year so everyone is getting a quilt made entirely out of my stash. Today I finished a rag quilt for son in law and almost finished assembling one for daughter...hopefully it will be done before I retire for the night. They're planning a move to Michigan (sob) so I'm thinking these will keep them toasty warm...I'm not sure they're prepared for those winters.

Also have a quilt on the frame I made from dish towels my aunt made...we always get them for Christmas and hate to use them so I'm making them into quilts, one for mom and one for my sister. Moms is roosters, my sisters is red work nursery rhymes and its finished. I'm really happy with the results and will try to post pics later.

I had to buy batting for two quilts and backing for one, my grand total out of pocket 40.00....woo hoo!

Then to make Thursday really terrific my ice maker went crazy and flooded the kitchen with water, luckily the refrigerator is right over my sewing machine so I heard it dripping and summoned hubby home to fix it before it was a disaster.

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-My Thurs.?? Well, it was a terrific disappointment.. Still can't use my eyes much without them seeing doubles, or very fuzzy, and sometimes with shadows.. top that off with trying to get 10 potato bags finished, and I'm not getting there. The thinking is also bruised and I find it very hard to concentrate and remember how to do things.. I did take an awful fall, landed face first on the left side of my face. Potato bags are like the microwave baking bags - much smaller and the top folds over.. should be easy to do.

I just may have to call her and say I just can't get them done, and lose a chunk of money, as well as my confidence..ROFLMHO It's probably good Penny is in Iowa right now..

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thank God it was my son's 26th birthday.

the day ended with dinner at one of my favorite spots, with the hubs, the son and his adorable fiancé.

i even had a wine slushie!

the rest of the day...not so good.

with only about 8 inches left to go on a charity quilt, i had to make an emergency visit to the apple store.

phone quit working, and there was a new grand-niece being born far away.

i needed to have communication!!!

after literally HOURS of waiting for someone to help me, we got it fixed.

now i have to store all my music in the sky somewhere.

and my phone works.

and that grand-niece was never born until 4am this morning.

so my poor niece was in labor over 24 hours.

both mom and baby are doing fine...but exhausted!

all's well that ends well!

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Put on a large pork roast for pulled pork and then checked in several quilts that just showed up to be quilted. Most of my customers just call and say they have a quilt ready. Am trying to do some piecing of my own. Did machine applique on about 300' of stems on a queen quilt. With my long arm business and arthritis I don't have time to do hand applique any more so agonized over the appearance of the machine applique but will just have to learn to love machine applique. Have 800' of stems yet to go. But that will wait until the customer quilts are finished.

Today our charity bee will be delivering 20 adult quilts and about 6-8 kids quilts to a youth transition program. The young people have completed the training course. We choose groups where we can deliver the quilts personally to an individual and explain how to care for their quilts.

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