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I am not doing so good with the new forum. I tried to search a subject--from old forum. Got nowhere.

I soaked my quilt & spun -- forgot it was in the washer and left it for a few hours. Some of the red (that I had prewashed ) faded onto the white--I think because it was in the washer for so long. Is there any way to remove this red from the white? Thanks, Jan

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hi jan -

i found these for you - hope they help.

if not, put fabric bleeding in the search box at the upper right hand corner of screen, then change the search frm 'this topic' to 'forums'

lots of choices appear.

good luck!

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I'm hoping you didn't machine dry the quilt--this works better if no heat has been applied to the quilt.

Synthrapol will remove dye bleeds. Follow the directions on the bottle and use Color Catchers as well when you soak. The Synthrapol removes excess dye and suspends it in the water and the Color Catchers will pick up the dye. It may take a couple of treatments. Red is the worse for bleeding, even if you have pre-washed.

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