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I just pulled my last customer Christmas quilt off the frame, inspected it and noticed that one of my panto rows is slightly overlapping another row and is off by about 1/2 inch from lining up with the row above it!!!! !!!&*%#!!! When quilting this something kept hanging up and I noticed that the bicycle chain on my machine had come unsnapped and was inhibiting my carriage movement (I have a Nolting Pro frame). I think I must have jiggled my laser when I resnapped it back into place. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

So my options as I see them are to unstitch the first four rows (35 deep x 65 inches wide) and re-do. BUT the fabric is kinda plastic-y on top (it is a theme-type fabric) and I worry that it will leave some pretty ugly holes from the needle if I frog and that worries me. So my next thought is to give it to her for free, including the batting. Over a $100 freebie. Which I'm fine with but I worry about my reputation. This was a new customer I need it by Christmas quilt.

What to do????????????

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If she can come look at it, offer to take 25% off the quilting if she takes it as-is.

You haven't ruined the quilt! It may not be that noticeable.

Don't discount the batting. If she accepts that offer, let her have 25% off the quilting of her next one as well. That will make her happy and keep her as a customer.

If she isn't happy with the quilting, frog it and fix it. Don't pressure her--just state the facts.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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I would frog only the stitches that overlap plus about 1/2" and freeform quilt to connect the lines, even if they don't look exactly like the pattern. Then, I would run a line of quilting between the two rows that have extra space between them, going back and forth between the two rows, echoeing the pattern objects. Depending upon how it turns out, I would either charge half price or give it to the customer free with an apology. Show them what happened with your machine, so they can emphathize, but be very apologetic.

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I appreciate all the wonderful advice from those of you more seasoned in the business. Thank you so much!

But after a little thinking I knew this was going to bug me if I let it go, so I tried frogging a little bit to see if the fabric would be okay, and it was! Thank the Lord!!! I ended frogging two rows and was able to take just a smidge off the top and bottom part by following the laser light just a tad inside the line instead of right on it. I was really lucky and all the spacing looks perfectly even between the rows. The backing fabric is plain, no design, and when I flipped it over and inspected, I was not able to tell any difference from the rest of the quilt. It only took me 3 hours to fix and it could have been worse. Anyway, all is well and I AM SO HAPPY!!!

And my Christmas shopping is done! :D

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