Pretty little quilt. How to quilt it?

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I've been providing eldercare for my 90 year old neighbor for a couple of months, and haven't even been out to my quilting shed. But now I have the pretty quilt to quilt, and I'm looking for ideas. I don't want to do a pantograph, and have been practicing some allover freehand designs (dwirling, a couple of Jamie Wallen's, etc). I have Deloa's curved crosshatch rulers (haven't used them yet, but would be willing to try). I had a great time at MQX Portland, and took a lot of classes. This would be my first opportunity to try out some of the stuff I learned. I'll probably throw on a practice piece first - but would like to have some great ideas about what to practice on.

There is a tiny yellow piping between the outside border and the blocks, so I will have to do something separate in that border. Don't know if you will be able to see that in the picture.

Thanks in advance - you always give such helpful advice!


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That is really a pretty quilt. I can see swirls or concentric circles in the stars, or do the line dance, or outline on the inside.. Just lovely freehand to compliment of the block sizes, very pretty panto's may work if they have a rather loose or wide pattern. Those are all the ideas I can give.

You do beautiful work and I'd say you'll do no less here..

I'd like to see the finished quits as you finish them.


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These are all good ideas. Feathers sound like fun - and a challenge.

I really like that idea for doing something with texture and movement in the background. Here is my practice attempt on a whiteboard. I haven't ever done all over freehand feathers, and it looks like there are a few "gotchas", but I'm thinking I may be able to pull it off!

Would I sid all the stars first, and then just begin filling with the feathers, or do the feather fill everywhere and then go back and do the stars? I've never done anything like this so don't really know the best order of operations. It doesn't seem reasonable to try to combine sid and freehand roll by roll - or does it?

Thanks again


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Your feathers look great, Bonnie, kinda artsy! Definitely Sid the stars first, then fill with feathers. You could use the same thread you quilt the feathers with, to Sid the stars, just try to stay on the side of the ditch away from the star. That way, you can Sid and feather fill before advancing fabric to the next section. Then change threads and go back to fill in the stars. I was thinking the same as Jess/butterfly, doing something geometric in the stars. If you want to try out your curve crosshatch rulers, you could use them on the stars. I'd use matching thread to be easy on yourself. Have fun! We look forward to seeing what you do!

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