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I'm finally done with the quilting projects for this Christmas and the last quilt is one that I pieced and quilted for my DS and DIL. It's from the book, Surprisingly Simple Quilts from Austrailia Patchwork and Quilting Magizine and is called "Jam Stars" beause the one pictured in the book was made with fruity colors. I used fall & earthy tones for the most part so maybe mine should be called something different. I also used a 100% Bamboo batt from Winline and it is so soft and I didn't have any issues at all with this very cozy batt and I used Glide thread and Magna Bobbins. I tried a bit of a different overall designs that surround the stars and I kind of like it. I've got another quilt in the que for after the first of the year, and its for a granddaughter, so I think this overall design may look really nice on it. I've posted some pictures below. Thanks for looking.



APQS Millennium with Smooth M&M Wheels

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Really like the "open-ness" of your quilting design. Love the colour choices and the homespun look you've created.

Gail Olfert

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Wow Patty Jo! I love that background. So open and airy. Just the ticket when you don't want to quilt it to death!. I have a quilt coming up and that is exactly what my customer wanted. It is a snuggle blanket so she did not want a lot of quilting. Thanks! You have solved my design problem. Merry Christmas!

FFE992D1FB7A16BDBE9FDE1627DBA781.png ? Chris Landis

2001 APQS Millennium

Quiltizoid Quilting by Chris Landis

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Love the feather swirl, but then you always come up with such wonderful designs. Hope your Christmas is blessed.



Shepherd's Garden Quilting

APQS Sales Representative

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