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Sylvia, congrats on your weight loss! It certainly sounds like you are a lot healthier now, and avoiding diabetes and high blood pressure by losing weight is a good thing!!!!! My New Year's resolution last year was to lose 30 pounds. I did but gained 7 back during the year. This year my New Years resolution is to lose another 30. It is hard to do...I LOVE sugar! I, too, am short and all this weight is so hard on my joints and really puts a damper on quilting some days. I've been on blood pressure meds for almost 10 years now and I'm only 47 and need to be more pro-active in my weight. I'm so happy for you that you made a choice that was right for you and it worked! Thanks for sharing your story and inspiration to get healthier and I hope that ginger ale idea helps your nausea!

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Congrats Sylvia on your weight loss and the improvement on your bloodwork!

I too am struggling with my own weight and health issues. My husband and I started drinking green smoothies and doing mostly fruits, nuts, and vegetables. We are also gluten free and dairy free. We both loss 30 lbs within the first three months. I still have a ways to go....but my blood work is perfect now. I'm off of my acid reflux and cholesterol meds as well. My blood pressure had been creeping up and the doctor was recommending medication. With our new diet my b/p is 118/80. Perfect!

By the way, I'm the person that bought the Lenni from CiCi. I understand he originally belonged to you. I'll be spending more time with him now that the holidays are behind me, that is, if I can keep my husband off of the machine.

Congrats again on your achievement!

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Please be very careful with the ginger ale! I too had bypass in 2009 and one rule was to never drink carbonated beverages. Room temp and flat might be ok.

Peppermint tea or peppermint/chamomile tea - just warm is also good for nausea. All the best on your journey. If you start to gain a little back - don't panic - it's normal! If you'd like to chat off the forum, let me know.

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