Anyone want to strip-swap? Strips Received! Address added to first post. Start stripping!

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A couple of years ago I hosted a strip swap of Christmas fabric.

Anyone want to strip-swap batiks?

If you want to participate---

Contact me to be put on the list. Limited to 14 swappers. Don't leave a note here or send a U2U--- Email only so I can take the first 14 who jump on! (Don't use the Topper email addy please!)

Buy or locate in your stash, three one-yard cuts of three different batiks. A dark, medium, and light would be perfect for some versatility. Let's not include any brights/neons--let's stick with traditional batik colorways.

Cut 14 strips at 2 1/2 inches and width-of-fabric of each batik. If you stack the three before cutting, a bit of the work is done early. Needless to say--cut carefully as 1 yard barely gives you enough fabric for 14 strips.

Bundle in threes--one of each fabric, and safety pin the threesome together. You'll have 14 bundles to swap. So I won't go crazy trying to keep it all straight, you will send me "your bundle" and then get it back. Everyone's package will be identical. You'll get back 42 different batik strips--hopefully with a nice variety of darks/mediums/lights.

Wrap your bundles in a plastic protector of some kind, place in an envelope or USPS flat rate box and send to me. Tyvek is a good choice for a sturdy envelope since it is tear-resistant and waterproof. After all packages arrive I will rearrange, package, and send them back to you. For US mailing please include $5.30 in your package. This will cover a flat rate envelope which I'll use to send your package back. Cash, checks, or stamps accepted.

Deadline? As soon as 14 people sign up I'll put out the word to start mailing packages. If you sign up you'll be expected to have your bundles in the mail within a week after closing of the list. This is a fast swap--instant gratification! So don't sign up unless you can fit this into your schedule easily.

Disclaimer--no drop-outs please. If you commit please follow through. When you sign up, expect that we'll get the list full very soon so maybe check your stash before you commit.

Yes, international members are welcome! :P I have no trouble mailing these to Australia, Canada or Europe. Please let me know if you are international so I can notify the list of the expected arrival of your package and dispersal of the bundles. If you get on the list, mail as soon as you can. To make it easier to reimburse me for the shipping-back charges, I'll accept PayPal for international shipping charges only. We'll make arrangements for that before I ship back any international packages.

Who's in? Email me please.

Added bonus! The first swapper with a completed top and also the first swapper with a finished quilt using the swap fabric will receive a ruler/template from Dennis. Yay! :wub:

Lists are full--you can strip and mail anytime!

My address is 2713 Wiggins Rd Olympia WA 98501

Please enclose return postage if you're in the US.

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A couple of years ago I hosted a strip swap of Christmas fabric. Anyone want to strip-swap batiks? If you want to participate--- Contact me to be put on the list. Limited to 14 swappers. Don't le

Okay, I'm in, if there's room! Sent you an email, oh ruler of the western strips!!!

Hi Barb--I've contacted Tracey R who missed the first post and wants to join. I'll let you know when I hear back from her. But no worries--I can do two spots if necessary, so please don't stress about

Posted Images

Here's a list of participants so far. This might be the quickest swap!



Cindy T-received

Vickie S-received


Cathy H-received

Linda K R-received


Lynn A-received

Shirley L-received


Patty Jo-received

Vickie O-received


This is our Group #1. There has been enough interest to start group #2. Same rules, same number of strips. I bet we can get another group in no time!

Group #2

Colette K-received



Joyce C-received

Chris L-received

Sharon W-received

Tracey R-received

Connie W

Debi H-received

Oma again-received


Patty Sewhappy-received

Heidi P-received

Annie M-received

Group #2 is closed.

Start stripping, ladies and gentleman!

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Come on, folks, sign up! You will receive beautiful strips in exchange for those that you send. I really enjoyed the last strip exchange that Linda organized and made this quilt from the strips. The pattern is Quick Trip from Eleanor Burns. Just showing what you can do with the strips, and I know there are others who participated and made quilts with their strips.


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Question, Linda, do the strip sets have to be the same? I would do the 2nd group also, but may not have enough batiks in one yard lengths to include light/medium/dark from my stash, which is my rule for this one!

The strips don't need to be the same if your stash is limited. Do put some identifying mark on your set--like a piece of colored paper or your initials so I can keep the sets straight. Would you like to do a second set?

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