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I know this Forum is for machine quilting but I'm hoping someone can help me on piecing a backing. For some reason my brain is blank today! I have a quilt top that measures about 84" x 94". I have 8 yards of 44" backing fabric to make the backing. How exactly should I cut the fabric and piece it? Any advice I can get will be appreciated. :)

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Hi Ann,

Assuming that the width is 84" and the length 94" I would cut the fabric into three pieces and centre the seams horizontally. That is just IMHO, you will I am sure get some different answers!

I had to go to a pen and paper, and I would do it exactly like Sue suggested, especially since you want the seams to run parallel with your bars.

It depends on which way you are going to put it on your frame. You do want the seams in the backing to run parallel with your rollers. stitched with a 1/2" seam and the selvedges cut off.

It's quiz time from the "Newbie" again. I was reading the above posts and everyone mentions that the seams need to run parallel with the rollers. Why is this? All of the quilts I've previously completed I always ran the seam perpendicular. OOOPS :(

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Hi James. As Cathy wrote, loading the backer with the seam perpendicular to the rollers will cause the double fabric in the seam allowance to build up more with each advance. Soon you have the dreaded "sag" on either side of the seam. If you absolutely must load perpendicular (because of size restrictions or if the backer has many pieces and seams in both directions) you can ease some of the problem by making sure the seam allowances are selvedge free. Then as you load, lay your thumb along the top of the loading seam and your fingers gripping below on the seam. As it loads forward, pull backwards on the seam in a smooth motion/twist of your hand to loosen up the seam a bit. I stretches the fabric a bit and seems to help.

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