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I haven't been on here much as there has been quite a bit going on in my life. My new hubby, George was in a roll over accident the first of November. The car was totaled but thankfully no one was hurt. He blacked out and rolled the car end for end and landed next to a tree! After all the tests done at the hospital, the Dr's determined that a valve was needing to be replaced. He goes into the hospital on Tuesday for that surgery and we would really appreciate prayers for a good outcome, quick healing, etc..... We haven't celebrated our first anniversary yet, and hopefully we will next March. Thanks all. We do appreciate it a lot. :rolleyes:

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Patty Jo I'll keep George and you in my prayers! My mother had a valve replacement in June and I know how scary it sounds! It is an amazing surgery! My mother came through it very well. It is a long day in the hospital so make sure somebody will be with you or you can be online with us! Waiting is the worst. George will do very well and you will be amazed at how he bounces back. Make sure he uses his heart pillow when getting up or down and start practicing now not using his arms to push himself up. That was my moms hardest thing to get used to.

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