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Today was really a long one but also so many prayers were answered. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. The nurses got him prepped and then surgery started about 7:15. At 12:30 the Dr found me and let me know he was in ICU Aand the surgery went very well. At 2 pm I finally got to go in and see him and he was AWAKE and they were getting ready to remove the breathing tube (the dr had told us that because he is an ex smoker, he may have to have this for several days and maybe even weeks!). By 6 pm tonight 3/4 of all drip medications had been removed and he was sitting up! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers. He has answered every one of them. I'm very tired so I'm having a glass of wine and then going to bed.

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I just got home from the hospital and they have moved him out of ICU and into critical care. He walked from his ICU room down to his new room. This was about 3 this afternoon and he hadn't had any pain meds today until after he got to his new room. Then he asked for some. What an amazing recovery so far. They initially said he would be in the hospital 7 days and now they are saying he will probably go home after 4. For myself, George and all the family, again we thank you for the prayers.

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