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I posted some photos a while ago now of my sticks and bricks quilt (Amy Walsh) with plans of circles/pebbles accross the whole quilt, well now I have finally fitted in some time for my own quilting and am really chuffed with the results, especially as when I started quilting this I was thinking OMG I am ruining my quilt...

Every magazine and quilting book I see lately has "modern" quilting of some sort in it, which I do like the style of (or what is deemed to be modern at least - although I think pebbles and swirls have been around for considerable time prior to being in all of the books and magazines..)

So rather than pebbling the whole quilt like my original vision for this quilt, I broke it down into more manageable sections and the swirls definitely go a bit faster than the pebbles.... not sure I would rush to pebble another quilt like this but I do love it, even my husband likes it although his definition of a quilt has moved on from "you just do the squiggly bit don't you?" meaning the quilting lines to "its repaired fabric with squiggly bits on top" - MEN !!!



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Love it! I agree about swirls speeding it up. People's are wonderful to look at but very slow to quilt....

Your not wrong Ardelle.... I think the quilting was about 14 maybe 15 hours (almost 100" square) I did it over two or three days though... although I am not sure how all of you ladies who do custom intense quilting all of the time manage it. I felt like I had done a few rounds in the gym I was so sore... not so used to working from the front side of my machine - your body bends at all different angles to the back of the machine. I need the table to go lower really and it won't.

Plus it used almost a whole 5000 yard cone of thread...

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