Weird bamboo batting

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A customer brought me the bamboo/cotton blend packaged batting that's available at Joann's. I don't like it mainly because of the lint, but accept it without comment.

This one was a doozy. I loaded it and struggled with it a bit at each advance since it's so fuzzy it's hard to re-position. As I neared the end, I noticed that the batting had two big ruffles. I pulled up the top and flopped it over the top roller so I could see and fix the two spots in the batting.

There was an obvious compressed line of batting about an inch wide that ran the full width. I assume that was where a new sheet of batting was attached to the end. Above the line the batting was flat. Below the line the batting was ruffled. So ruffled that I couldn't smooth it out or flatten it. My final solution was to cut a vertical line along the top of the two worse spots, smooth the batting flat, and then cut out the overlap so the batting would be relatively flat. I removed at least three-quarters of an inch of batting in both spots.

Hey! I can handle ruffly borders and full blocks (usually) --but ruffly batting! :angry:

I think the silver lining in this situation was that I had luckily loaded the batting with the problem area at the bottom. If it had been at one side, I don't know if I would have caught it or if I could have fixed it as easily. :P

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

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I bought some seconds batting from Quilter's Dream to use on charity quilts, and ran into the same problem...and the same solution worked for me. I can't complain, though. The batting was so inexpensive, it was nearly free!!


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I have always used QD batting but recently decided to try bamboo. I ran into the same thing with JoAnn's bamboo. Guess it wasn't just by chance I got a bad roll.

Heidi Patterson

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I have a roll of this I got on sale at JoAnn's, and planned on using it in a baby quilt, but having read the comments, now it may go to my guild's raffle table, or into doll quilts (small!).

I really don't like excessive lint and though I have never experienced it, I would hate wavy batting!

Cathy Hamilton - M&M'ed 2008 Millennium - Part-time Quilter, Full-time Lover of Quilts

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No fun! :(. I actually hate all bamboo batting, not only because of the fuzz, but I seem to have an allergic reaction to it.....


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I am not familiar with Joanne's or their bamboo brand batting. I use Arctic brand bamboo/cotton blend batting, it is my "go to" favourite batting. Arctic Bamboo is manufactured in the USA, made exclusively for Trend-tex Fabrics Inc. (a Canadian wholesale distributor). The fibre content is 45% bamboo, 45% cotton, 10% non-woven poly, 3% shringage. It acts simliar to Hobbs 80/20, is less dense than W&N and as soft as QD and drapes beautifully. It comes on a 36 metre roll. I first used it about 5-6 years ago because satisfaction was guaranteed or full refund.

I just finished a queen size quilt last night, no fluff in or around my machine or bobbin area, only a few tuffs on the floor that I picked up with a dust mop.

Please give another brand bamboo blend batting a try.


Quilted Stitches

APQS - Lucey

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