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I need help my machine has been stopping for no reason. ill be quilting along and it stops with the needle down. I thought i hit one of the buttons but have been making sure I didnt. checked all the connections cleaned the rails and everything I can think of checked the cords everything is secure. just got Martha back from factory from being serviced I am stumped.

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Thank you guys it morning here in Alaska and im on my way to work will cal as soon as I get there I know that the grounding wire is attached but it may be attached in the wrong place. yes I have the new wheels. I checked all the connections. changed the mushroom heads friom front to back as that is the side we always work from checked the fuse. any connection I could find I checked to make sure it was tight wall plug everything. alll the lights stayed on just stopped stitching so I am in agreement that it must be a grounding issue so will call in about an hour when I get to work. thanks so much for the information you forum is amazing. I dont post often but learn so very much by visiting have had Martha since 2007 and just love the machine. I bought a Pfaff two years ago to use at home with a computer on it and there just isn't any comparison. I like both but my dream would be to haave an apqs at home with a quilt artist on it Id be in heaven.

but love the ability of both machines. Thanks you again

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