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Can someone tell me what software works best for you for you quilting business? I'm looking for ease, taxes, expenses, etc. My business partner and I have a quilt retreat business and individually each of us has a longarm business. We'd like something we can both use. We don't have a lot to spend and arm and a leg.


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Ah, finally a question I can field! I learn so much from this forum, but my day job is bookkeeping. Beth, do you have Microsoft Office on your computer with Excel? I use the Excel spreadsheet program for the bulk of my bookeeping, (two different kinds of business), and I use Quick Books for only the receivables portion to do my monthly billing. In Excel I've created pages that track sales, state tax, income, money from other sources, operating costs, purchases of materials, other payments, profit and loss and end of month proof of cash. If you have a spreadsheet program you won't have to spend anything except the time to set up the pages properly and/or the time to learn the program.

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Is Eureka set up for quilting business specifically, or is it a generic program like Quick Books?

I don't quilt as a business but use parts of Quick Books for our income business. Mostly I use it for invoices and eventually recording the payments of them. I also put our household billpay in so the end of the year figuring is quicker.

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