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I am a Survivor!

5 years ago today I had the devastating news that the lump I had found in my breast was indeed Cancer. The kids were away at Youth Parliament at the time. The worst day of my life was on that Sunday when I had to tell my kids.

But here I am 5 years later, healthy, happy and much more mellow about life! I was so lucky to find the lump when I did. I was so lucky to have such good health care, and to live in Canada with our health care system.

I not only survived the disease, I survived it's crippling mental effects. I survived the changes to my body the 3 surgeries caused. I survived appearing in public with one breast until I was well enough healed to wear a prosthetic. I survived people staring at my pic line. I survived being bald. I survived chemically induced menopause.

I came out the other side of this realizing what is important- my family who took such good care of me, my friends who stood by me, and my health. I do not stress over the small stuff as much (ok I still do a little), I do not pass up an opportunity to do something with my family or friends because I am too "busy." I do not rush through things as much, instead I enjoy the process! And I find myself helping other breast cancer patients in their journey.

I will never forget:

-Roger telling me he loved me for ever and for always.

- Roger telling people the hardest thing he ever did was watch me being wheeled into O.R.

-Kathleen and Rocky surprising me by coming home to see me.

-Jennifer writing me a story

-Victoria driving me where I needed to go and changing and cleaning the pic line dressings.

-my friend Janice arriving the day I was having trouble coping with the makings for soup, staying with me and making soup for me

-Mom for staying with me and helping around the house

-my friend Susan for driving over from Wetaskiwin frequently just to see me.

- the numerous people who sent me cards and messages.

Most importantly, today I am remembering, but feel peaceful, happy and healthy...

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So great to hear a success story instead of a sad one. Two of my sisters have had breast cancer, two of us have not. One has celebrated 20 years and the other 15. I thank God everyday that I still have them both in my life and that I have not had to endure what they and you have gone through.  So happy for you Ardelle...and it sounds like you had a great attitude, which is in MHO the most important part.

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Congratulations Ardelle on Five years!!! I personally know how that six letter work (cancer) turns a person's world upside down. I am a 11 year survivor myself. I'm glad to hear you had the Love and Support of Family and Friends; that is very important.  I didn't have that during my process and treatment (by my own choice).  I pray you add many more anniversaries to your five year milestone!  I also pray that if anyone else here has to go through that horrible process that they have the same outcome as you have had. God Bless you!!!

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