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Bobbin Cam


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I purchased a used bobbin cam.  What kind of adhesive do I need to install it and does anyone have any really good instructions.  She sent me what she had and it is from manquilter.com/BobbinCam.html, pages 2-4, but his website doesn't have the information any more.


Any assistance would be appreciated.  It is on my list for Sunday or Monday to install.


I know there are several of you that have it out there so hopefully someone will know what I need.


Also I have the both additinal hartley spool holders on top, so do I move one of them or what.  I really wanted this and they had quit making them, now I have it and I don't know where to put it.  I think I have thought about this too much.  Time to walk away.


Thank you


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Email manquilter, he would send you his instructions.  I suggest using pipe cleaner to hold it on to find your placement, then put the velcro.  Did you get the double face pad for the camera.  If not you will need to see if there are sheets so you can secure the camera to the machine.  This is must to have it tight so it doesn't vibrate and shake as you are sewing.  If not, ask manquilter if he knows where you can get more.  To firm my camera up I had to get some of the kids craft form sheets 6MM to help shim the camera to the support prevent the shaking when sewing.  Good luck.

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Walmart has the same clear heavy duty plastic velcro that came with my bobbin cam. Or it comes in a black plastic too. I used a right angle bracket to attach it to my machine. You can find it in the paper and pen section hanging on the notions wall.




this is a link to some photos of my setup for the camera on the head of my machine.

hope this helps you.

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