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Linda thanks for the tip about my spool pin!  I'm going to try and attach a picture of my little set up - good thing I asked too because a customer quilt came today and I am using clear monopoly!


Tension seems to be ok - I tried using Jamie Wallen's method of tightening the top until the bottom thread pulls up, then loosening so that (hopefully) the thread locks towards the top of the quilt.  I am using 40 wt. poly on the bottom and clear mono poly on the top.  I am getting some bearding on the back - is this from the type of batting or do you think I'm doing something wrong?  I cleaned and changed the needle out before starting...it's a 4.0.  Superior recommends a 3.0 but I don't have any!  Ack!  It's running fine though other than this bit of bearding.  I don't know what else it could be?  It looks to be that quilter's fleece that comes from Walmart.  I didn't ask the customer, but I use this all the time in my domestic for wall hangings and it feels the same.


Another thing, I don't think she prewashes her fabric.  I noticed this on her last quilt - I had a similar issue...but I'm wondering if the sizing is preventing the needle from going between the fibers and instead splitting some of them?


Any help would be appreciated!  I don't think she'll be unhappy with whatever I do, but I want to make her quilt look as good as I can!  Thanks!!



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Sorry if I posted in the wrong place - I just realized there is a forum for batting!  In any case...the more I look the more I'm convinced the fabric just needs prewashed.  It looks worse on the darker fabric...I think it's fabric fibers I'm seeing and not batting.  This happened with the last quilt she sent that had a dark olive green backing also...but not nearly as bad as this one...and none of it is prewashed. 

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