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Is anyone going to Witicha (I wish I could remember how to spell that city!) for Machine Quilters Showcase? I am going alone this year and would love a chance to visit with other APQS owners.

It is an 8 hour drive for me from Iowa but I am stopping in Omaha to visit a new grand baby on e way there and back. I can't drive 8 hours in 1 day because I get too tired.

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Thanks for the reassurance and the help in spelling Wichita! I know I have seen signs at MQS for forum members to meet. I hope to meet some Other quilters that love their APQS machines.

Hi, Jennifer...I just couldn't figure out why you were being reported and now that's explained and I wasn't correcting your spelling...well I guess it looked like I was, but even I looked it up to make sure of it.  It's a weird sounding name.  I've been to Wichita on more than one occasion and it's a nice place.  Enjoy the town and MQS.  :)

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I always value spelling help as I am terrible and I was a teacher for 22 years! I love spell checker except when I can't get close enough to generate the correct word!

I am always excited about the classes, the competition, and the vendors at MQS since it is the closest long arm show to where I live. I am even branching out and teaching 2 classes using the Quiltazoid. I am preparing like mad!

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