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Good morning and I hop someone can help me :)  I am quilting a charity quilt, going along everything seems fine then you can here the bobbin, almost sounds like its spinning.  The thread has come out of the guide on the case and I have lots of loopies on the back.  I have rethreaded, blown out the lint, and I don't know what else to do.  HELP!!!





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It helps to know if the loops are from your top thread or are actually bobbin thread loops. Try to determine which side is actually looping. Sometimes the noise you hear in the bobbin is actually caused by a problem with the top thread. Since the top thread travels all the way around the hook before forming a stitch, if something odd is happening to it then it can yank the bobbin thread out of the case. Re-thread the top, make sure the thread is firmly between the tension disks on top, etc.


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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Thanks, but I think I figured it out, I had been using the magna glides, no spring in the case, then for this quilt I am winding bobbins, so, once I put the correct bobbin case in, the one with the spring it doesn't seem to be doing it anymore.  Feel "blonde" this morning.


Thanks !!!

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