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Attention Canadian strip-swappers

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Dennis managed to track the four packages of strips sent to Canada. They were mailed on January 25th, and made it to Los Angeles (!) on February 2nd. <_< 

So far they're still in LA. We'll continue tracking or file a claim. Since all Canadian mail goes to Toronto, maybe they're waiting out the big storm.

I'll keep you posted.....

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I often wonder if that's not part of the USPS' financial problems.  A package has to come from Washington state (northern US) to Los Angeles (southern US) then to back north to Canada.  I had an iPad sent from China (I thought they came from the good old USA, but learned differently) anyway, it came from China in to LA then went to Kentucky to go through customs (I know...I questioned why our "customs" was in the center of the US, but oh well) and then was sent back to LA then on to me.  I am 300 miles north of LA.  It all seems pretty unnecessary and stupid.   

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I know it's a broken record, but we avoid sending USPS whenever possible. Poor service, long lines, indifferent to reasonable questions--the PO closest to me is avoided. We'll drive extra miles to visit a larger and friendlier PO downtown. When I directly asked why there didn't seem to be any care about people waiting so long, a PO employee actually told me "If we work fast and efficiently the lines would go away. Without long lines the Company thinks there isn't a need for us and they'd either lay off counter people or close the branch". Huh? That's what happens when there's no competition.  " We must be slow and rude or we'll lose our jobs."


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