To counter the hurt feelings

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***Rules to live by on the forum (my perspective only and not sanctioned by APQS or any other governing body. ;) )***


If you post a photo and ask for quilting design help, and no one replies--don't be discouraged. People are busy. People miss posts. People might have no helpful advice. Princesses might decide they don't want to monopolize the board and allow others to give their advice. You may be a princess yourself and everyone knows you'll figure it out better than they could anyway. Or finally, all one's ideas have been expressed by someone else and all you can do is nod and agree.


If you post a photo of a finished quilt and ask what advice you might get, don't be discouraged if quilters give you that advice. If you say, "how am I doing? I'm very happy with the outcome.", we'll all give you compliments and comment on your progress. Everyone wants to see a new longarmer making progress. But don't ask for advice or a critique (like--what would a better design have been here?) unless you're willing to accept the advice as it was offered.


Post those photos--all are happy to view others work, no matter what the skill level. We aren't stuck in princess mode. If we demean the princesses, they'll stop posting and advising. :unsure:


Can we please lose the princess thing? It's derogatory in the context which it is used and the only royalty we need here is Queen Dawn!


I'm kicking the soapbox aside and will try to keep a perspective and be generous of those who have hurt feelings. I have had more than my share of emails over the past eight years calling me a show-off or other unkind things. I've also had emails thanking me for some insight or advice that I've given. So--here's a smilie with it's tongue out.  :P  You can't run me off, you can't stop me from sharing, you'll have to take me as I am and I'll do the same for you. I love you all, understand some better than others, and enjoy this forum so much--it's a huge part of my quilting life. :wub:

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Thank you Linda.

And thank you to all who contribute to this forum.  I've learned so much more than anyone will ever know.  I don't post much and feel guilty because I've received more than I've given on this forum. I still consider myself kind of a newbie (can I do that after 3 years??!!!).

This is my "happy place" because my FT job isn't such a happy place.

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This quilter likes her pyjamas as I am sure everyone else does, so if we all think of each other in our PJ's then there can be no royalty!

Now I've posted more piccies so critique away...

It's a lonely studio talking to oneself!


Ohmagosh, Lyn--I love the visual!! I think we might start a thread--"Quilters in their PJs"! That will certainly cause some laughs and lighten the mood!


If you do it, I will too!

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Well said Linda. I love reading all the helpful comments on this board. I don't get to visit every day like I used to and guess I missed the posts you mentioned! :)

I talk about you guys to my family and they think I'm crazy because it sounds like we've been friends for a long time. I can't fathom someone not playing fair or being nice. But then again the world is full of all kinds.

I want to thank everyone and APQS for providing this board and for their willingness to share their quilting work, advice and lives. I appreciate you all.

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Jumping in as the second pajama quilter. I have a funny story. I got up one day and did not feel like getting dressed, so I went downstairs and started quilting in my jammies. An hour or so later the dogs started to bark and I thought what the heck is wrong with them. When I went upstairs there stood my customer at my door dropping of her quilt! There I stood in my jammies! I had totally forgotten our appointment! Thank goodness she has been a good customer and has become a good friend through the years, so we both just laughed and shared a cup of coffee and checked out her quilt! Thank goodness I had my "cute" pajamas on that day!

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WOW not sure what happened but that was well put Linda.  I know I have a long way to go to be as good as most of you  and I love looking at ALL the quilts and I love reading the comments and I love getting feedback about anything that I post reguardless of what it is.  I was taught that is how you grow.

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Jammies and my sheepskin slippers, total comfort for quilting, for sure!


With all here visiting this post I want to apologize if anyone felt I was out of line voicing my opinion on what other quilters charge.  It was frustration at a situation locally and not at any one in particular - and in no way did I mean for anyone to think I was putting down their choice to help someone out or do quilting for charity.  I truly wasn't, and again apologize if I came across as if I was.

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