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We r ok. It came through back yard and took trees and our pool pump. We were n closet. Destroyed front of Southern Miss campus. Awful. Our high school (not far from me) took a big hit. Took whole neighborhoods. We got power around midnight but still have no TV or net. We r blessed.

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So happy to hear that you are alright Sylvia,  I know how scary it is one hit our subdivision on Mothers Day about 15 years ago, I will never forget that freight train sound that came through with it.  It is strange how it picks some and misses some right next door.  We lucked out with only shingles and fence  but others were not so lucky.  Was anyone killed or injured in it?  Praying for God's mercy for all those affected!!

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Linda, I'm fine. I live across town from where most of the damage is. I work for the city, so I've been listening to the radios all morning. The focus right now is to get everyone's power back up, and make sure that people with damage to their homes have a place to go. The damage is mostly confined to the specific path the tornado took. Unfortunately, that path is right through the middle of some very populated areas. As Sylvia said, there is damage to several buildings on the University campus, but thankfully no injuries there, most of the students are out of town for Mardi Gras break.


Sylvia, I hope you guys are all OK. Call me if I can do anything for you, 550-2691.

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