New update out for IQ

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I really don't know the reason he wants everyone to send in their logs. I would guess to have a starting point to refer back to if you have issues months/years down the road. I'm sure there is a highly technical reason but, mainly, when he says he wants my logs I just follow his lead. He is WAY smarter than I am. :) 


Also, when updating, some people like to wait a couple weeks before updating to let the power users discover if there is a bug to be squashed. Others want at the new goodies/features immediately. There are lots of great new features in this release that you'll love. Everyone has to decide if they want to update right away or give it a couple weeks. Of course, if you ever do update and ever wish to revert back to the prior software version, just download that prior version and do another "update" only this time it will update to the previous version so you can go back in time. (If only time travel were possible in other areas of my life)  



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