Getting Super Motors need help

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Well Zoltan is finally selling the Super Motors to us older customers. I'm really nervous about installing them because my IQ has performed perfect for the last couple years. Does anyone have an advice? What did you use for settings after installing the "super motors", I'm thinking that they're different then my orginals. Is there an installation video anywhere? I don't have Bliss on my Millie. My motors should be here soon and you only have 2 weeks to get the old ones back to him or I'll have to pay the full price. I'm in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Connie, I'm just curious but If you were lovin' your old motors, why did you decide to buy different ones? Please don't take that the wrong way. I'm sincerely interested. 


As for installing the new motors, it is really easy. You'll need to set the height of the drive wheel, set a new motor engagement strength, calibrate and run a drift test. I suppose the biggest "tip" would be to lower your motor engagement strength prior to removing you old motors so that the first time you engage your new motors you aren't asking them to push down as hard as your old ones. Move the engagement strength down to a 2 prior to removing your old motors. The new SuperMotors will most have an engagement strength somewhere around 2-5. 


Call your dealer for more help! Go slow and take breaks. You'll do fine!

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Angie, not taken the wrong way. I just like what I've been reading about the new motors. I clean my rails before each quilt but my motors (wheels) are really sensitive to the oxide. I've also had to replace the rubber on my drive wheels a couple times (they came unglued). Last reason is that I can afford them now but may not when I retire in a few years. Technology changes so fast and want to be sure they will be supported for a long time.

I've never changed any of the orginal install settings done by Shirley. Zoltan's instructions say to set engagement at 3, do you recommend 2 instead? Is engagement the only thing I have to change? I know how to calibrate but never did a drift test? Guess I'll hut down the videos. I love my dealer but she is hard to track down (Shirley). Are you coming up to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival (show)?

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback. I will be at the Mid-Atlantic show so stop by the booth! 


You might take a bunch of photos once you take the motor covers off and prior to removing your old motors. That way if you get confused or turned around you can look back at how it was. A good photo of the connections on the motor circuit boards might give you piece of mind.


Bringing your engagement strength down prior to removing your old motors is the important part. Lowering them to a 2 or 3 is fine (it doesn't really matter- they just need to be low instead of the 18 or so strength you likely have now). Once you have your new motors mounted take the time to be sure the brackets are square to the carriage table and don't look cock-eyed. When you set the height of the motors, move the machine up and down the table to be sure they don't touch anywhere while in manual mode. Once the height of the drive wheels looks good start working with the motor engagement strength. The drift test is easy peasy. Here's a link.

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