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You are so loved Cheri. I wanted you to feel that we were all with you through this most difficult time. The Lord will sustain you and give you His loving peace. 

Cheri, I am so very sorry for your loss - my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.  I, also, am so sorry that his final moments weren't as peaceful as would have been hoped for, but rest a

I am lost for words ,I know your love for Elmer runs deep ,deeper than I nor anyone else could feel at this moment ,I am numb and saddened ,you are not alone ,we do feel your pain ,so many comforting

Dear Cheri,


I've been following your story since the beginning. Words can't express how I'm feeling for you right now. Just know that no matter when or where you lay Elmer to rest, there will be a host of us there with you in spirit. I hope you'll feel all our love and support surrounding you. And when you're too sad, or even too angry to pray, just remember that your loving God hears your deepest longings and understands them.


And don't be surprised if you feel Elmer's presence at the funniest times. I've experienced this with my Dad, and it brings laughter as well as tears. For me, it's been a wonderful healing experience. Be open to surprises. :wub:

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