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Ruler Mate for Lucey

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Thanks for the response Linzi. The problem is that my customer ordered & paid for a Ruler Mate for her new Lucey last summer. It was shipped to her in November, but didn't fit. She was told to send it back to be "re-tooled". After MANY phone calls and e-mails, she is still waiting for it to be sent back to her. I just wondered if anyone else has been successful in getting a Ruler Mate for a Lucey machine. She's out $149 US PLUS all the shipping and taxes. She really NEEDS this base as she wants to get into custom work, and just can't do a good job of SID work without it. I sure wish there were more options for a base that fits OVER the throat plate area.


I wonder if a Millennium base would work. ?? I can't see any reason why it wouldn't.

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No, it's not good customer service. I feel like I'm partly responsible because I showed her my Ruler Mate base and recommended it to her. She lives a good 8 hours drive from me, so I can't just run over with a MIllie base to see if it would work. Mailing something like this heavy base in Canada is not cheap, like it would be in the States. PLUS, she needs to get her money back, but is not getting any help from Donita. I may have to resort to calling her myself to see if I can't some satisfaction for my customer. My e-mails have gone unanswered, so I'm hoping to get through on the phone.

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hi darlene, i do not know if this info helps or not. but, i have a millie (w/thread cutter) and a liberty. the ruler mate i have is for the millie, however, also fits on the liberty. so, perhaps, if donita cannot make a base for lucey...if she has one for the millie with the cutout for the thread cutter, it could still work for your customer. not ideal, i know, but at least maybe she can have a base that will fit.  

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