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This is for a friend who starts chemo on Friday.  I asked her what colors make her happy.  Her response included cobalt blue and daffodil yellow; she has a thing for Sweden and the Swedish flag.  I started playing around with the flag and realized it would make a great quilt block with sashing in between the flags.  It looks like a 'modern' quilt.  It took forever to decide what to quilt; I wanted a quick allover but I wanted to quilt yellow in the yellow areas and blue in the blue.  Settled for this blocky meander.  Fabrics are kona cotton; batting is warm & natural.  Even with the dense quilting, the quilt doesn't feel stiff.  Now, I just have to trim and bind.  Just looking at the strong colors makes me happy; I hope it does the same for her.




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Thank you all for your kind words and support.  This is the first time I've asked a question of someone and had their answer essentially design the quilt.  Bonnie, the lines are a little less straight when you are close up.  If you could look at the quilt from top to bottom, you would see that the quilting smooths out and the lines are straighter as you move toward the bottom.  I got more comfortable as I went along.  The layout of the two colors helped me find a quilt path so that I had relatively few starts and stops other than changing colors.


Many thanks to all of you who post your own pictures and suggestions for others.  I learn so much from everyone.



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Cool quilting design. Perfect for that quilt.  What a wonderful friend your are.  I have a friend fighting cancer and she has said how cold it is in the cancer center when she gets her treatments.  I can't tell the size of the quilt from the picture, but if she takes it with her,  you will have your arms wrapped around her every time she has her treatment.  God Bless her on her journey.

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