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In the upper right hand of the post click on Follow this topic. Then to retrieve them, click on the down arrow by your name and choose Contents I follow. You can follow anonymously or you can choose to get an email anytime someone posts to it. I personally un-check both boxes since I follow it and most posts are within a reasonable amount of time that I still get them under my Last 24 Hours.

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It really bugs me how, whenever a website "updates" itself, the person in charge always seems to think everything needs to be changed.  What is wrong with the title/subject of "Favorites"?  It is used all the time, everywhere, but the person here thought it would be so creative to change it to "Follow this topic".  Did you get complaints about people not being able to find their favorites, so you had to change it? ? ?

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Hi Ann,


No complaints came our way. :) In both incarnations of the APQS forum, we have used software that is already "built" to host a Forum site. These are designed for a multitude of different users, from internet gamers to geneology lovers to camera buffs. Since these software programs are written to meet the needs of many different types of users, several features are already built into the program and cannot be customized by the end user. (That's why you see the "warning posts" underneath your name--no one else can see it but you. But it's in there automatically as part of the software and we can't change it. Some sites use a much more involved heirachy of moderators who watch over posts and warn people when they post things that are not in alignment with that particular forum's "code of conduct".)


The new Forum has some great features, but alas it doesn't mirror the old Forum in some of the ways our members would have liked. It would be a massive programming and financial undertaking to code and create software for a forum specifically to our liking. The old Forum software left little room for the improvements users were asking for, and unfortunately we couldn't find another vendor that provided everything still in the "old" forum as well as the new features people wanted. 


So alas we're stuck with things that take a little "getting used to" if you've been a part of our old Forum family:).

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Since I had only posted a very few times before APQS changed their format, I really did not have any particular expectations about how to navigate the forum.

I have seen other forums with this same exact format ( just visited MQResouce forum which has this format). I figure APQS, which by the way is very generously sponsoring this great exchange, just needed to have a more formal format. The Internet, after all, can be a scary place....

Learning to navigate this forum is pretty easy really, I just ask!!

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