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Our guild recently had Lola Jenkins give a presentation.  She told the story of how she accomplished one of the things on her "to do " list... which was to sell one of her art quilts for $5000.  I would say to start with an outrageous price....listen to people's can always come down.  She did say as quilters, we have to think of the art quilts differently than traditionally pieced...especially when selling to non-quilty people.  If people have $ to buy "art", usually the price is not what matters, but whether or not the piece speaks to them.

Good luck..As for a name, the fluttery things sort of look like paper folded butterflies.

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I love the butterfly idea - especially translating that into Spainish per Linda's suggestion.  However, I'm also reminded of prayer flags and native American Dream Catchers.  So, my second idea would be DreamCatcher.  As for price, I would start at least at $500 if it is being shown with art; half of that if it is being shown with more crafty stuff.



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Beautiful, Anne!   Debbie had a very good point about 'Art' prices.  I would recommend pricing up too.  You can always discount a price/accept an offer and it is true that people looking for artwork are thinking in a different price bracket than those looking at craftwork.  So play up your 'Art'.


I thought they looked like butterflies too.

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Bravo Anne! I love the name you decided on.


My guild is trying to become known regionally for quilt sales as well as our show and charity endeavors. It's very difficult to price the quilts.

Every venue we participate in now has quilts for sale. Visitors to our quilt show and the local Arts Walk are being exposed to art quilts, utility quilts, bed quilts, vintage, and custom quilts. The prices range from way-too-low to "how can she expect to sell that for so much"? Pricing is subjective and personal. We were encouraged to offer something for sale, whether our own or charity quilts we have donated. Quilts sold on commission rebate 15% back to the guild so owners were jacking the price by that percentage to get what they wanted for their quilt. Some had such high prices that we knew the owner didn't want to part with the quilt and it needed to be pried out of their hands with a ransom. And others priced so low because they were donating the entire price to the guild and wanted it to sell. 

Please share your experiences at the show--what sold and what didn't and why. Good luck--the quilt is beautiful!

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That's very pretty!    I'm not usually "into" ART quilts, but this one I really like.    Congrats on the selling price, too !   Well worth it.   Beautiful quilting.


I would love to sell some quilts, but in our area anything over $100 makes people turn white.    ;)  "well, I can go to Target and get one for $29.99 !"    I'm sure you've all heard that one !

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