What is your favorite "man tool"?

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I have a toolbox with a few basic things, plyers, hammer, staple gun, but Mr. Calico's blue handled adjustable plyers are the bomb!  I think he has a whole set of different sizes, and one is living in the kitchen these days as I've taken to using them to open 2 liter bottles which must be getting sealed tighter at the factory because the whole family is struggling with them!  I believe they are actually plumbing plyers, but I use them for lots of other stuff.  Also his electric drill and tin snips are frequently borrowed - usually I'm using those in the chicken coop, not the quilting room though, LOL


He did buy me a small air compressor for quilting a couple of Christmases ago, so I leave his alone now!

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The one thing I love the most is a magnetic wristband made to hold nails that I picked up at the local hardware store.  I use it for holding pins when I'm loading a quilt.  I have the magnetic bowls also, but like the wristband for loading & unloading quilts.

Pat...hadn't seen one of these. I have been using the magnetic bowl and moving it along the bar as I load a quilt.


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Kristina - I found the magnetic wristband at Home Depot.  Not sure if you have those in your area, but the brand is Magnogrip.  You can view it at magnogrip.com.  There are possibly other brands out there, but this is the one I stumbled upon.  Hope you find one!.

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