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Hi all--I haven't been on the forum much lately--been trying to manage my computer time more effectively-- :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: --but I am still quilting away--and also trying to get some scrapbooking caught up.


A little background on the quilt that is going to Paducah--On our wedding day my husband promised me we would go to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary--and well he kept the promise. I have a tradition in our family of making "diary"  type quilts that we take along on memorable vacations and then we journal right on the quilt every night of the vacation. Then when we get home I add photos of the trip appliqued right onto the quilted quilt.

With this special quilt I used actual fabric from our bridesmaid dresses and then Cherrywood hand dyed gradation bundles in our wedding colors to make the "Steps to the Altar" blocks and added some photos of our wedding right into the piecing. In the quilting around the center I put a portion of the "Love Chapter" from 1 Corinthians 13--used for the message in our wedding. We journaled in the white ring under the Altar blocks. I also used colored pencils to color in the hibiscus flower and vine in outer corners. I quilted this one with my non-SR FReedom.


This was a really meaningful quilt to make and has been really special sharing it with others at various shows it has been in. I am over the moon excited that it will now be shared in Paducah...and hopefully I can get there too.


Just a big thank-you to this forum and APQS for sharing so freely of their knowledge so that we all may learn--and for such a great machine giving me the confidence to just try it!!! Thanks again!!!












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