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I don't think so!!!  I will not apologize for voicing my opinion!! 


I also think that you you are really upset by your own problems and are taking it out on someone who didnt agree with you!

There were NO words slinging at you-  the first post you made did not clarify the gift situation. 

I reread my post and I did NOT slam you-simply stated that I feel the customer has a say in what they are paying for.  Once I found out it as a gift I stated that changes the entire scenario-

I cleaned out my message box only to have you SCOLD me?? :angry:   Are you serious?? You also were quite upset that I did not read all the posts?? Really ?? WOW!!


Mental note...If you don't agree dont post it!!


BTW   I will block you!!! Just as soon as I can figure out how!  LOL

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This relates to a previous post. Because I disagreed at first with some people and made the HUGE mistake of voiceing my opinion-

The oringinal poster then clarified information that I then agreed with and I posted that as well-In fact even tried to make it lighter-but in her words-the damage was already done.

Well she took offence and messaged me VERY angrily with some unpleasant comments, & nasty verbage-

That is why I started this post..

So be careful...I would advise everyone to be careful who they may disagree with and be carefull how you word it!!-you could have an upleasant start to your day too!!

I bet you are sorry you asked eh? :(

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I am always  interested in everyones opinions. I was raised that in America you are allowed to have and state your opinions. I was also taught to respect the right of others to have opinions that differ from mine!( even when i think they are whackos :lol:  )

One of the blessings of being raised by immigrants that were EXTREMELY proud to have become American citizens.

I have always found you to be a very bright and giving person. I am sorry you were treated this way.

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Where is the Love here? Its been a long winter and Spring is coming! I know that everyone on this form does not mean to disagree with anyone and I am not happy seeing post of disagreement, I take them all even  if I do not agree, everyone has there opinion because God made us all different.

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