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Have you ever wondered what makes an animal do what it does.  Why it does one thing when another will not.  Why it will eat from your hand or mouth and the one next to it will not or why some like to step in their water while their drinking from it.  It's a very strange behavior that my dog and one one my cats do when the others will not.  Why one cat will walk by a leave covered water dish while another will take it's paw and move the leaves aside and than drink.  I guess it like this with all creatures in the world, even with man.  Some will do and some will not.  Whether it's a case of pride, insecurity, stubbournness, fear and just the lack of knowledge.  I do a lot of watching of my pets when I quilt.  It's an odd past time, but intriguing and sometimes quite funny. Now, everone knows that most dogs are beggers.  Well, I used to have three cats that begged, now I only have one.  The craziest thing is that they would only beg for certain treats and not to others that were just as yummy.  Take for instance: Little Man would beg for beef jerky, peanuts, apples and, wait for it, corndogs.  What a noodle of a cat.  Then there was hunter and he only begged for duck treats and dry dog food.  Now two have passed away, but Princess is still with us and will beg for almost anything and try it.  Sometimes she eats it and other times just spits it out and looks like you gave her a sour grape.  Now Roxie is a fine dog that I love as much as Lady and sometimes I like it's Lady in a dark coat.  They have such similar traits which is very scary.  There are times when l see Lady around the grounds outsiide and I have to walk around to prove myself wrong.   I know it's mind playing games with me, but it's ok because I know she still with me.


Lady loved going to the burn sites that would do during burn season.  Roxie is this way too.  Lady would hang out with us all night if she had too.  When it would get too dark to chainsaw I would back to the house and get dinner to cook on the burn pile.  Sometimes Lady would follow me back to the house and other times she would hang out with Nancy. 


One time we both started the day off on a saturday and nancy decided to see if Little Man wanted to come.  We spotted him and nancy picked him up and sat back down and I started to drive and he seemed to be ok with the ride.  We were about a 1/2 mile from the house and were there most of the day with the dog and cat.  At dusk we left for the house.  The next day we went back to the same place with the dog and cat.  The only difference was that the cat, Little Man, kept on meowing and carrying on about sometime.  45 mins later he was no where to be found.  We looked a little and found him no where.  Later that day I went back to the house and found him relaxing on the tractor.  Well, I went about my buisness and got dinner ready for the burn pile.  About 45 minutes after getting back to the site and cooking my wife said, "quiet, did you hear that", I said "what".  She said " I think I hear Littel Man".  I kept BBQing and she saw out of the dark a little white cat running towards us.  Sure enough, it was Little Man coming back for BBQ.  What a crazy cat.  He was one of a kind.  Regards,  zeke.........




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Zeke, you have to be a fine person to love animals so. You watch and listen and figure what they must be thinking....that is the mark of a good person. In Sunday School this past week our teacher said he believed our animals would be in heaven when we got there and it made tears comes to my eyes. I'd love to think the ones that have passes on will be with me one day again. Blessings to you and yours - whether great or small.

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What a fun thread!   I have an older female cat who loves crispy Cheetos, but not puffy ones.  She also likes plain tortilla chips.  We have a younger male who love a good steak bone.  He's a real carnivore!  He also likes my husbands stinky bare feet and sucks on the thermal blanket and kneads me like I was his mom kitty.  All four cats have very unique personalities.

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We had a cat who would not eat anything but a few laps of bean dip and maybe a tablespoon of canned peach juice.

Wouldn't drink milk, wouldn't eat canned cat or dog food, wouldn't eat any foods left out.  He was strange.. lol, how I loved that cat!  His name was Topsy and his brother was Turvy.  The start of their lives when no one wanted them, not even their mom.


We believe he was part manx, had a bend at the end of his tail which was only about 3/4 the length of a regular cats tails, and tufts at the ear tips.  He could jump about 5 feet almost straight up.    When just one of us were eating and had to answer phone or door, we never had to be concerned about him getting into our food.  He wasn't a table or counter surfer, but for the little cabinet under the mail chute.  Had to have him declawed because mail ladies would play with him and he began snagging anyone who was within his reach, thru the mail slot.


I'm sure he's happy in Kitty Land.



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