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My first long arm....a new 2013 Millie is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!   This is almost (but not quite.  NOTHING tops being a grandma)  as exciting as waiting for any of my grandchildren but clearly more exciting than some other events I have looked forward to.  My new room is ready for it and I am a nervous wreck!



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We can feel the excitement bubbling all the way back in Iowa, Kathy! Let us know if you need any help. Be sure to read through the CD manual when you get the machine assembled. (Skip past the assembly instructions included in the first section to get to the "good stuff".) It has lots of useful info about loading quilts, thread, batting, cleaning, oiling, etc.)


Have fun!!!

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Yay and congrats!

I can only add that three years from now you'll look back on your adventure and wonder about it all--how you bought and set up your machine, how you practiced and learned, how you quilted your own tops and then some for friends. And how you got better and better! It's a great and rewarding journey.

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