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Superior So fine thread in five  differrent colors.  Hobbs wool batting.  This is a really pretty customer quilt.  I love the colors.


  I decided to break the inner blue border so it looks like the bargello moves through the border.  I stitched in the ditch around the darkest color in each color combination in order to accent the movement through the quilt.  I was not sure what to do with the outer border, so a variation of piano keys is what happened.  I did not want to have any feathering on this quilt.  Lots of  feathers on other bargellos I have finished and I did not think this one need feathers.


Thanks for looking  And thanks to Jamie Wallen for the idea of photographing with a side light.  There is a window at the end of my quilting machine that provides just the amount of side light to get some good texture.  And yes, there is a bunch of "stuff" at the end of my machine in one of the pictures.  I'm planning on cleaning that up today! (yea right) LOL  8534829024_e946c2a024.jpg

DSCN1250 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr 8534862460_ceb319fbd1.jpg
DSCN1237 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr 8534849010_76435c080e.jpg
DSCN1240 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr 8534849010_76435c080e.jpg
DSCN1240 by chrisquilt00, on Flickr
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