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Low bobbin sensor


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This may not be the right place to ask this, so please direct my question, if necessary, to the proper spot.


Just got my "new" (demo) Millie with Bobbin Sensor.


So far, the sensor hasn't moved off full, and I have been through 4 bobbins.  I read in the manual to push reset, I did.  I read to roll it down to "empty".  I did.  I'm obviously doing something wrong.  I am using the prewound L bobbins.  Can anyone give me more info on how to get the thing to work.  Mine shows full to the top all the time.




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I have an old machine - well, 10 years old, anyway.  I think to bobbin always makes a fairly distinctive rattle when it's nearly empty.  If you think you've been running for a while and it might be getting close to empty, just listen for the rattle.  As soon as I hear it, I stop and check.  Sure enough, very little thread left, so I change it!

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Here's how I do it:

Insert full bobbin and turn "Bobbin Level Adjust" clockwise till indicator reads "Full"

Quilt until bobbin completely out.  Turn Bobbin Level Adjust counter clockwise to indicate "E"; light will flash

Insert New full bobbin; hit bobbin reset.  Note, the indicator level will only climb part way up the gauge.  This is showing the true amount of a "Full" bobbin for that type of thread.

Quilt; machine will "beep" and lights flash showing the bobbin is getting low.  Should give you enough notice to complete row or block before running out completely.

Insert New full bobbin; hit bobbin reset.


When you turn off your machine and start on a new day, you will need to set the first bobbin (of the same type you were using before) to the proper "full" level and indicator will work properly.


I have placed a post it next to my indicator and marked "full" for the different type bobbin threads I use; i.e. Magna Glide Classics and Magna Glide Delights.


I hope this helps!!  I love my bobbin indicator!!

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