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I am thinking ahead about a quilt I will need to quilt that has swags appliqued around the borders...does anyone have any ideas on quilting those?  I will probably do a background filler of either McT or something feathery and know that I will need to put something in those swags...any ideas out there?



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I have a quilt with swags on the frame now (my own) and I am just going to repeat the swag with 3 lines in the middle following the outline of the top of the swag and then slightly more droopy on the middle and the bottom will match the contour of the swag bottom basically and I plan on doing bead board in the background. Very simple.

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You'll want to keep the quilting in the swags simple just like the stitching on other applique shapes. Just slight details to nail down wider expanses of fabric and make the applique more realistic.


Determine how much stitching is needed by the width of the swag. If they are Eleanor Burns-type swags--very simple arcs of fabric with maybe a circle or a bow where the swags touch--just some lines to make the swags look like draped fabric is very effective. If the swags are wide, several lines will work. Mark them first to get a pleasing look.

If the swags are more intricate, perhaps with curved or scalloped edges, you can do the outline stitching along the background outside the swag and stitch over the edge of the scallop a bit onto the applique. Maybe only a half-inch or so--to accentuate the scallop shapes. That will nail down the scallops in the "crevice" and make the fat curve of the scallop pop. Again with some simple lines across the swags to mimic a drape.

Your plan to do a denser filler behind the swags is perfect.

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