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I was so nervous about doing a pantograph, I don't know why!  I love custom quilting and sort of, doing my own thing, so I just didn't think I'd be a panto type of girl.  But then I started looking at them and thinking of all the things you could do in combination with pantographs...ooooh what fun!


This was kind of tricky too I have to say without stitch regulation!!!  Trying to figure out what speed would give me good stitches and staying at that pace without seeing what my stitches are looking like...wheew!  I had a few thread breaks just from just going too fast or too slow, but other than that these are fun!



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Thank you guys!  I love to come here and show what I've done and you guys just make me feel so proud and like I've really accomplished something.  THANK you thank you thank you!!!  I tried to like everybody's comments but I run out of those stinkin' likes before I'm done!!!  Lol*



It's lovely! And I agree, no stitch regulator AND first panto? Wow, those stitches look great!!


I just have to ask, because you have done so many quilts since you got your machine, do you ever sleep, eat, cook, or clean house???  :P



I really did laugh out loud Bonnie when I read this!!!  Hahahahahahaha!  I actually get that comment a lot!!!  LOL***  Yes, I do eat (my waistline proves it...eeep!), sleep a little, but cooking and cleaning are very very low on the priority list!!  LOL*  I do cook a little but it's my least favorite thing to do.  Poor children and Husband have to eat chicken wraps, chicken salad, chicken and rice, chicken and potatoes!!!  Whatever is quick and feeds them up and gets me back on my long arm! 




...should I tell her that I have two more quilts I just finished and haven't posted yet???  LOL*********

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Valerie that looks great. I have to say I have never turned my stitch regulator off. LOL Maybe I will play with not using it. Your stitches look great. I like using pantos because the customer has a lot of different choices to pick from and then their quilt isn't always like everyone elses.



Thank you Nancy!  I tried to like your post but ran out again...arg!!!


I like them just for the reason you describe!  Especially being a new quilter it's nice to have something to show and give people to choose from...I have some examples of quilts I've quilted in a flickr album but I've only done about 10 quilts on the long arm!!

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Thank you Lynn!  You are so lucky to not have to cook - oh how I wish I could train that Husband to cook!  Not that he's not willing...I'm just not willing to eat what he makes!  LOL*  Isn't that awful of me?  He's got so many wonderful qualities, just cooking isn't one of them.  ;)  I love to eat, but cooking is one of those things I could live without doing!

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